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Silangang Nayon Park & Restaurant is a cross between traditional Filipiniana architecture and the comfort of the modern-day accommodation. What started as a small family business has become a gustatory landmark, where food and accommodation caters to the entire family. Its restaurant is strategically located near the shores of Tayabas Bay. Fresh scallops (capiz), ostrich eggs, grilled squid, and their own recipe of Spare Ribs Singaporean has made Silangang Nayon a landmark in Quezon’s culinary map. The restaurant takes pride in their mix of Filipino and Singaporean flavors. Silangang Nayon features a mini zoo, which displays monkey-eating eagles, ostriches, monitor lizards, turkeys, and horses. It also offers island hopping (P1,000 -1,500/boat), kayaking rentals, where visitors can go through the mangrove reserve and watch colorful birds pass by.
Open: Open Everday
Address: Brgy. Bantigue, Pagbilao, Quezon
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Nearby attractions

Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest
2.58 km away

At 150 hectares, Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest is one of the largest and most diverse mangrove forests in the Philippines. Travelers can stroll on its 800-meter boardwalk, climb up a watch tower, kayak during high tide, or peer through binoculars and catch sightings of native and migrant birds. The mangrove forest is also part of Pagbilao's island hopping destinations, but can only be visited during high tide. The mangrove forest serves as Pagbilao's carbon sink initiative, a joint project of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Quezon Ecosystems Research and Development Center (QERDC), and Mirant Pagbilao Power Plant. The area was declared a mangrove experimental forest in 1975 by the Bureau of Forest Development (BFD).

Patayan Island
5.48 km away

Also known as Calilayan, Patayan is an apostrophe-shaped island in the middle of Pagbilao Bay. Its shoreline is pebbled with dark stones. At the northern end is a 400-meter cream sandbar known as Tulay Buhangin ("Sand Bridge"). On the island, visitors will find a vast fishpond at the center, and a residential house for rent (P8,500/night). The house has two fan rooms that can accommodate up to 6 persons each. According to folklore, the island was named such because pirates used to bring young men on the island just to kill them; "patayan" in Tagalog means "slaughter". There is no evidence for such a claim, however. After all, "patayan" is pronounced as "patáyan," like "tagáyan" and "tapáyan." Together with Puting Buhangin, Kwebang Lampas, Pagbilao Mangrove Forest, and Balugbog Baboy Sandbar, Patayan Iland is part of the island hopping destinations in Pagbilao, Quezon. You can visit all destinations by chartering a boat from any part of Pagbilao's coastal area (P1,500/boat, good for 8 people).

Pagbilao Church (St. Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin Martyr)
7.63 km away

Established in 1685 during the Spanish occupation, Pagbilao Church is said to have protected the town over the centuries, from natural disasters to invaders. It is known to be the first church in the Philippines to be made of cogon and bamboo. St. Catherine was a virgin martyr who was tortured in a guillotine controlled by a wheel until decapitation. It is said that she prayed for milk to come out of her body instead of blood, so her death will not be violent. Because of this history, the church’s stained glass windows can be seen with wheels that resemble a ship’s steering wheel. Her feast day is celebrated every August 29 and town celebrates with lively parades and street dancing.

Where to stay

Queen Margarette Hotel
Hotels and homes
7.85 km away

Queen Margarette Hotel is the largest hotel in Quezon Province in terms of accommodation, conference and events and culinary experience. It consists of three branches strategically situated in the heart of Lucena City and Mauban Quezon, all providing one remarkable experience to its guests. It features classic and modern themed rooms, hotel facilities such as swimming pool, lobby lounge,spacious conference halls, two themed restaurants and our own bar, and spa facility. We are the Pride of Quezon Province.

Urbantel Hotel
Hotels and homes
8.07 km away

Strategically located at Don Queblar Street, Merchan Corner, Lucena, Quezon, this hotel is a great choice for all types of travelers seeking comfortable accommodations. It has clean interiors, quality facilities, and amenities that guarantee a memorable stay.

2205 Suites
Hotels and homes
8.13 km away

Strategically located at Gomez Extension, Barangay Ilayang Iyam, Lucena City, Quezon, this hotel is a great choice for all types of travelers seeking comfortable accommodations. It has clean interiors, quality facilities, and amenities that guarantee a memorable stay.

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Brgy. Bantigue, Pagbilao, Quezon

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