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Dupag Rock Formation is a cluster of jagged limestone boulders 7 to 8 feet high. Climbing each one is no easy feat, so it is highly suggested that each  guest don the proper footwear and protective gear to avoid accidents. From the highest peak, aptly named Father Rock, a sweeping view of the neighboring fields, rivers, and valleys can be seen. Its unique topography made it the preferred hiding place of locals and insurgents during past wars and guerilla uprisings. Reaching the labyrinth requires a 30 to 45-minute trek up a hill where various fruit-bearing trees—chesa, namot, and tebbeg, to name a few—serve as shade and shelter to visitors and different species of birds.

Address: Brgy. Marag, Luna, Apayao

Open: 6am-5pm

Fee: 20 php - Environmental/Entrance Fee, 150 php/head - Tour Guide, 10 php - Helmet/ Gloves