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Sinaing na Tulingan is a Filipino Fish Recipe that translates to braised fish. The dish makes use of bullet tuna, a type of saltwater fish also known as Tulingan. The dish is famous in the coastal towns of Batangas. Nestor Velasquez of Mataas na Kahoy in Batangas is a food entrepreneur who has reinvented the production and packaging of this favourite Batangueño delicacy through Pamana. Traditionally, commercial sinaing na tulingan is simmered for hours on end in large earthenware pots with bilimbi (kamias), salt, and water, and sold in the markets. It usually has to be consumed within the day or, if any is left over, fried the next day. But Nestor made use of the “canning” process to make Artisanal Sinaing na tulingan, with each bottle prepared individually, steeped in brine, bottled and cooked in a pressurized cannery. The entire process is stringent to safeguard against botulism and designed to meet even American food production standards. The result is the perfect pasalubong or souvenir for tourists and OFWs alike. The Batangas delicacy Sinaing na Tulingan, but with a longer shelf life.
Open: Open Everyday
Address:  , Mataasnakahoy, Batangas
Fee: 100Php/Wholesale, SRP is 120Php/Bottle
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Nearby attractions

Cafe De Lipa
4.60 km away

One of the best places to try out the famed Kapeng Barako is in Cafe De Lipa. Their main product is the Barako Joe, which is their Classic Brew. Barako is generally used to describe Batangas men, and this mean coffee is no exception. Barako Joe is true to its definition, strong in taste, aroma, and in that caffeine “kick.” They also offer other hot and iced coffees, the best of which are the Caffe Macchiato and the Caffe Mocha. Pastries, such as cheese rolls, Tableya Revel bar, and Dulce De Leche are also available. If you wish to learn more about coffee and make your own signature blend, you can sign up for their Coffee Cupping classes. Or you can take home coffee goodness, by grabbing some of their coffee packs and share these beans with your family and friends. Cafe de Lipa also tries to help the coffee farmers in the Philippines by getting their beans locally.

Antawagon Hill
5.76 km away

Once served as a camp and the last line of defense of Filipino soldiers and guerillas during World War ll.

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish
14.18 km away

The parish was established in 1776 and is administered by the Agustinian Recollect. It was made with native materials, and albeit most are reconstructed after the Phil-American War, the doors of said parish are preserved until this day. After the war, the place was deserted and was renamed Lumangbayan since the seat of the government transferred approximately 3 kilometers away from the present site of Rosario. In 1928 the Oblates of Saint Joseph administered Lumang Bayan. The church again was torched for the second time during World War II and was reconstructed by the OSJ. The name of the town was later changed to "Padre Garcia"  in honor of Fr. Vicente Garcia, a native of Brgy. Maugat Padre Garcia. It was said that he came back for the Holy— and was murdered by the Japanese. His remains can be found inside the church.

Things to do nearby

Saving the Bees at Milea Bee Farm
Local sightseeing
7.11 km away

Milea Bee Farm is not a resort. It is a working farm dedicated for the propagation and care of 3 species of honey producing bees.

We can show you around to see the bees in their habitat. We have the Italian Bees (apis mel- lifera), Philippine Native Honey Bees (apis cerana) and different kinds of Philippine Native Stin- gless Bees. It is situated in a secluded area with no neighbors and without electricity. You need to walk about a 200 meter foot path from the parking area. Wearing long pants, rubber shoes with socks is recommended.

You can have a taste of honey fresh from the bee hive; know and see the different honey pro- ducing bee species; know the sources of nectar and pollen as well as edible flowers; discover the relationship between bees & flowers; and how bees are closely related to the food chain. Hope we can share to you why bees are important and how you can lend a hand to the world- wide concern, and our continuing campaign to Help Save The Bees. It will be a totally different educational experience both kids and adults will enjoy.

Where to stay

Villas by Eco Hotels Batangas

 Located at Lot 8040, Barrio Road, Lumang Lipa, 4223 Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, this villa is a great choice for all types of travelers seeking comfortable accommodations. It has clean interiors, quality facilities, and amenities that guarantee a memorable stay.

Shercon Resort
Hotels and homes
4.37 km away

Take pleasure in the magnificence of nature as Shercon Resort thrives with its own Ecology Park- a full spectrum of recreation while enjoying our amenities. Perfected by time and history, Shercon Resort started as an exclusive family resort and grew to what it is today, a Tropical haven, Ecology Park, Hotel and Resort for everyone to enjoy.

Situated amidst the highlands of Lipa and the panoramic view of nearby Tagaytay, Shercon Resort and Ecology Park is the ideal getaway to relax and liven up your senses! Bounded by lush landscape, verdant greenery and excellent resort facilities and services, Shercon Resort is the perfect setting for every occasion.

We are proud to share with you the goodness and splendor of nature and still be connected to modern facilities. Talk to us and let Shercon Resort cater to your specific event requirement - from Weddings, Social Events, Corporate functions, Meetings and Parties.

Hotel Cara
Hotels and homes
4.90 km away

Hotel Cara has been a established as a Hotel/Motels in Philippines. Our traditional business model is based on providing a the best good service and a cozy place to stay for our visitors. Due to the company’s success considering it’s big competitors in Lipa City, the owner is recently deciding in investing a new Hotel also based on Lipa City, in order to provide better service and increase the overall satisfaction of the company’s client. In addition to this, the company had invested in acquiring a new space for a much bigger Hotel to be able to compete with other Hotels in Lipa City.

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